Products Returns and Claims Policy

This document sets forth the policy and procedures for returns and defective material claims for Global Stainless Steel Inc (“GSSI”) Long Products.  Long products include all bar, all tube and pipe.  No debit memo shall be deducted from GSSI until after a claim has been entered, reviewed, accepted and a GSSI credit memo has been issued.

GSSI’s Long Products will be free from material defects and are subject to industry- accepted tolerances on dimension and weight.

  1. Return Policy for Long Products
    1. All Long Products may be returned to GSSI within thirty (30) days of delivery to Buyer
    2. GSSI must be notified of intention to return prior to shipping back
    3. The returned Products must be returned in the same prime condition as was originally shipped by GSSI.
    4. Upon GSSI’s inspection, review and acceptance of the returned Product, GSSI will issue a Credit Memo.
    5. Buyer shall not be entitled to deduct from any amounts due to GSSI, unless specifically authorized in the Credit Memo.
    6. A restocking fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of the invoiced price of the returned Products or $50.00, whichever is greater, may be applied to any approved returns.
    7. All approved returns of Long Products shall be shipped freight prepaid by Buyer. Shipments of Long Products returned without prior approval (as outlined above) and without the knowledge of GSSI or, not returned in the same prime condition as was originally shipped by GSSI, will be turned away or returned to Buyer at the Buyer’s expense and  a Credit Memo will NOT be issued.
    8. Mill Direct Orders are NOT returnable
  2. Claims Policy for Long Products
    1. To be considered, Buyer’s notice of a claim of material defect for Long Products must be provided to GSSI within six (6) months from the date of delivery for such products.
    2. Submission of a GSSI ‘Customer Rejection Form’, filled out in its entirety by the customer and returned to GSSI sales rep
    3. Photographs and test reports that clearly display and describe the defect;  samples  of the described material defect shall be made available by Buyer to GSSI on request of GSSI for evaluation
    4. The acceptance and approval of claim/return by original GSSI sales rep with whom the original order was placed
    5. GSSI does not reimburse for any labor charges, processing charges, freight, and/or transfer charges or any other charges associated with claims resulting from material defect.